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Freedom from addiction starts here!

Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge, a leader in offering treatment programs to those battling addiction, is seeking a dynamic individual to fill our opening for a Clinical Supervisor at our Rochester location.

Our mission is to assist teens and adults in gaining freedom from chemical addictions and other life controlling problems by addressing their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. When you work for MnTC, you’re not merely filling a job. You’re actively participating in a mission that is alive with purpose! You get the opportunity to see lives, families and dire circumstances transformed. You get to see hope take center stage and come to reality. Imagine ending the work day knowing that what you’ve done is meaningful, significant and rewarding.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

Responsible for the delivery of and proper documentation of treatment services including the Initial Service Plan, Comprehensive Assessment, Individual Treatment Plan, Progress Notes, Summary at Termination of Services, and the maintenance of client records in accordance with Minnesota Rule 9530 and MnTC policy.


Ensure that all client documentation is completed and maintained in accordance with Rule 31 and MnTC policies.
Organize and provide staff training and other topics as needed during scheduled staff meetings
Conduct annual employee performance reviews for staff members supervised; administer performance coaching and corrective action when necessary.
Provide leadership and supervision to the treatment team.
Ensure counselor staffing levels are appropriate.
Ensure at least 25 percent of a counselor’s scheduled work hours be allocated to indirect services, including documentation of client services, coordination of services with others, treatment team meetings, and other duties.
Maintain a weekly counselor On Call list to ensure group coverage.
Establish contact with insurance providers to provide pre-certification information and ongoing Clinical Review to ensure client’s continued eligibility.
Ensure contact is initiated and ongoing communication is maintained with client referral, probation, social service agencies, etc.
Provide assistance to counselors and staff in regards to client issues/problems.
Provide training to interns (see also intern job description)
Act as Treatment Director Designee in Director’s absence.
Treatment Services
Upon service initiation, ensure each client receives an initial service plan which addresses the client’s immediate health, safety, and preliminary service needs.
Ensure a comprehensive assessment and an assessment summary of the client’s chemical use problems is coordinated by an alcohol and drug counselor and completed within three calendar days after service initiation. The assessment summary must be formatted utilizing the ASAM criteria.
Ensure an Individual Treatment Plan be developed after completion of the comprehensive assessment which is subject to amendment until services to the client are terminated. The individual treatment plan must include treatment goals, specific methods to be used to address identified problems, resources to which the client is being referred, and client goals.
Ensure progress notes be entered in each client’s file weekly or after each treatment service. The progress notes must reference the individual treatment plan.
Ensure the assigned drug and alcohol counselor complete a discharge summary within five days of the client’s termination of services.
Ensure the content and format of client records be uniform and entries in each case are signed and dated by the staff member making the entry.
Complete client grievance investigation and provide written report to Treatment Director.
Ensure family conferences are scheduled and provided according to individual client needs.
Ensure the provision of crisis intervention counseling according to individual client needs.
Ensure the provision of individual and group counseling, client education strategies to avoid inappropriate chemical use and health problems related to chemical use, transition services, and services to address issues related to co-occurring mental illness.

Continuing Education and Training

Stay current regarding professional research, techniques, etc.
Complete continuing education courses in current treatment concepts and methods as required by the State of Minnesota to maintain Alcohol and Drug Counselor license.
Attend in-house training and staff meetings.

Recruiting Presentations

Make recruitment presentations regarding program to referral sources, e.g., Rule 25 Assessors, Probation Officers, Social Service Agencies, etc.


Other duties assigned by Supervisor.

Personnel Supervised:

Chemical Dependency Counselors
Chemical Dependency Interns
Temporary licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors

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