An Hour of Support

An Hour of Support

COVID-19 has created concerns regarding health, finances, social isolation, and certainly mental health challenges for many. The MACC would like to serve Minnesota by offering one hour of free time with a mental health professional to help individuals facing the heightened stress and emotional trauma that this virus has created. 

You can schedule an appointment with a mental health professional totally free, to talk to them about what you're feeling and get emotional support. Most of these professionals are still seeing clients in their regular practice as essential health workers and are busy with added stress of the situation as well, but they are compassionate and want to give to the community during this time. 

Some of the mental health professionals are Christian counselors, others come from different faith backgrounds and you’ll be able to select whether you would like faith to be incorporated in your session.

These services are provided by professional volunteer clinicians. They are trained professionals masters or doctoral level clinicians in social work, psychology and marriage and family therapy or are advanced graduate students in these fields. These professionals are not specifically members or endorsed by the MACC, they are just devoted caring professionals in Minnesota who have offered to share their time to help.

Each counselor has different methods of communication during this time, either online or by phone, so your request will be given to a counselor who will contact you to arrange the session and send you instructions on how you will connect.