Each year, Lynn Hardy and Jill Stephens take a day each fall to pray for God’s guidance for the upcoming year. They would pray for a scripture or word and direction on how He wanted to utilize them in the year ahead. During their prayer time at the end of 2012, Lynn and Jill both felt that God was telling them to start a smaller version, in Minnesota, of the American Association of Christian Counselors. At the time, they were being called to find a way for Christian counselors to connect and get relevant training on incorporating spirituality into their client work.

As they continued to pray about what this should look like, and recognizing that they couldn’t undertake this task on their own, Lynn and Jill felt they should invite some other leaders in our industry to join them. In May 2013, 20 people, from a variety of Christian counseling agencies, came to hear Lynn and Jill share what God had put on their hearts and their vision for the Minnesota Association of Christian Counselors (MACC).

They invited them to become involved, and from there, the MACC was born and has been growing ever since!